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19876 Visit of King Queen Gateshead 08 copy

We're delighted to welcome you to our updated and enhanced website for the North East Film Archive. We hope that you'll enjoy exploring the site, which features a selection of great films from our collection - free to view online - including documentaries, newsreels, advertisements, and home movies.

We're always interested to hear about any film collections featuring the North East of England, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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19876 Visit of King Queen Gateshead 08 copy

New Online!

River Tyne from Gateshead and Newcastle

C.1965 | Film No. 20960

20960 River Tyne Deinterlaced

Here's a chance to contemplate the Tyne’s changing landscape – a 1960s film with great views of the riverscape from the new Cruddas tower blocks off Scotswood Road. The transformation today from industry to culture and leisure along the quaysides is astounding. Look out for the Elswick Lead Works and famous Shot Tower, painted by JMW Turner in the 1800s.

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20960 River Tyne Deinterlaced

Guest Pick

John Rostron

1976 | Film No. 13201

As Executive Director of The Washington Trust (North East), John Rostron has selected a poignant film that celebrates the heritage of a now lost age of steam and mining, and the spirit of mining communities in the Washington area before the rise of the New Town.

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w13201 Dont Forget

Washington on Film

Washington on Film audience

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our special Washington on Film screening at Biddick Academy as part of a great partnership with the Washington Trust to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Washington becoming a New Town.

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Washington on Film audience

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Mar 7, 2015

From Stone Age sister to suffragette of the twentieth century in a classy animation, and from shopping towards liberation in 1950s Britain to a voice... Read more

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